Slugs Fund Investment Group
SFIG is looking for dedicated members interested in careers in finance and security markets. Please ensure to emphasize your experience and/or educational background that may be most applicable. Furthermore, please indicate the area of finance you are most interested in.      
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What is your name and preferred pronoun? *

Will you be enrolled in fall 17? *

What year are you? *

What is your major(s)? 

How knowledgable are you on topics of finance and equity analysis? *

experience or taken class that address topics of finance and equity research  (i.e securities markets, corporate finance, internships etc)

How knowledgable are you on topics of data analytics? *

experience or taken class that address topics of data analytics or coding experience  (i.e python, statistical programing, internships etc)

How can a position at SFIG benefit you and your intended career path?

Please explain how your prior/current education and experience will help benefit the progress and growth of SFIG.

SFIG Commitment *

I, agree that the answers provided in this application are truthful to the best of my knowledge and no information provided have been fabricated, and that upon accepting any position of membership extended to me by this organization; to uphold and adhere to the requirements and guidelines set forth by the governing Board of Directors at risk of termination of membership.
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